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EDI Service Provider SPS Commerce Joins NetSuite's SuiteFlex Developer Program

Dec 11, 2007
EDI Service Provider SPS Commerce Joins NetSuite's SuiteFlex Developer ProgramSan Mateo, Calif. and Minneapolis, Minn., Dec 11, 2007 - SPS Commerce today announced that it has become a member of NetSuite's® SuiteFlex SM Developer Program. By integrating NetSuite’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) ERP solution and outsourced SaaS Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) services from SPS Commerce, suppliers can seamlessly communicate order, inventory and shipment information from NetSuite through SPS Commerce to their trading and supply chain partners such as third-party logistics providers (3PLs) and sourcing companies.

As a member of NetSuite’s program, SPS Commerce plans to extend NetSuite’s One System Architecture with new capabilities to meet the needs of suppliers requiring EDI connections to the SPS Commerce network of more than 1,200 retailers and grocers. The SuiteFlex Development platform allows third-party applications to integrate transaction data – orders, inventory, invoices and shipments – with their applications, and enable customers and third-party developers to build new workflows and applications that can look and operate as if NetSuite’s own developers wrote them.

NetSuite holds critical business data of a company – orders, invoices, website transactions, shipping records, time tracking, and payroll data – the applications that are built on it using SuiteFlex can provide key tools for managing the company’s business. SPS Commerce’s Adaptor for NetSuite, created via SuiteFlex, is an excellent example of this that can benefit other companies. With the SPS Commerce Adapter for NetSuite, orders are created automatically in NetSuite when a trading partner sends a purchase order via EDI through the SPS Commerce service. When the invoice for the trading partner is created in NetSuite, it is integrated with the company’s partners via EDI.

"As leaders in SaaS business-to-business solutions, SPS’ and NetSuite’s customers know the added reliability, lower cost of ownership and expertise of the SaaS delivery model," said David Novak, Executive Vice President of Business Development at SPS Commerce. "With this integrated solution, suppliers can provide critical business data found within an organization’s ERP solution to its supply chain partners via a proven EDI service. More importantly, these organizations can reap the benefits of SaaS offerings and focus on their core competencies, not ERP or EDI."

SuiteFlex is an application development platform that enables the creation of third-party vertical applications within NetSuite, as well as business process customization for any end-user company. SuiteFlex includes several industry technology advances and innovations including additions to SuiteScript SM – which allows for on-demand programming using only a web browser on a device with Internet access. As a part of SuiteScript, NetSuite introduced Suitelets SM and SuiteScript UI Objects, allowing customers and third-party developers to build new workflows and applications that can look and operate as if NetSuite's own developers wrote them. In addition, SuiteFlex introduces a new concept for the Software as a Service market — "Service as Software," SuiteBundler SM — to deliver new integrated vertical solutions by packaging their Suitelets and other extensions with NetSuite's core ERP/CRM/Ecommerce application. SuiteBundler enables solution providers to embed their industry-best practices, knowledge and applications — traditionally delivered as one-off services — into the actual NetSuite application for verticals in a repeatable fashion.

NetSuite’s SuiteFlex Developer Program was established to help solution providers achieve success in vertical markets by bringing them the following:

  • Template development account with extensive SuiteFlex customization, development and integration capabilities and access to the entire NetSuite suite of applications. Developers can create and test their customizations, applications and integrations in this account and use it as a template for a repeatable solution they can deploy to multiple customers.
  • Online product and technical documentation and online product training.
  • Phone and email technical support.
  • Participation in the SuiteFlex developer forum.
  • Eligibility to join NetSuite's Referral Program.
  • Ability to apply for inclusion in the SuiteFlex Solutions directory.

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