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250 Retailers and Grocers Refer Their Vendors to SPS Commerce for Rapid EDI Compliance in Q1 2008, Including Majority of Top Retailers

Aug 13, 2008
250 Retailers and Grocers Refer Their Vendors to SPS Commerce for Rapid EDI Compliance in Q1 2008, Including Majority of Top Retailers Minneapolis, Minn., Aug. 13, 2008 - SPS Commerce, the leading provider of Web-based EDI services, today announced that more than 250 retailers and grocery chains have directed one or more suppliers to use SPS Commerce’s outsourced EDI solutions in the first half of 2008, resulting in thousands of new SPS Commerce customers. Referring retail organizations included the majority of the 2008 Top 100 Retailers as reported by the National Retail Federation’s STORES magazine, and represent most retail categories.

“Many of Staples’ suppliers use SPS’ EDI solutions to successfully connect with us electronically,” stated Mike Winsor at Staples. “From this experience, we can direct our vendors looking for a 3rd party EDI provider to SPS Commerce with confidence.”

SPS Commerce’s vendor enablement programs have successfully connected retailers to thousands of their suppliers via EDI, often with adoption rates of 98 percent or better. These formal community development programs and informal referrals from retailer EDI departments enable suppliers to easily comply with the retailer or grocer’s requirements, resulting in improved visibility to orders and streamlined communications.

“SPS Commerce has gained the trust and acceptance of most retailers’ EDI departments by working alongside them to rapidly connect their vendors to their organization via EDI for improved compliance,” said Archie Black, President and CEO of SPS Commerce. “Using SPS’ strategic vendor community enablement programs or based exclusively on successful experiences with other vendors, hundreds of retailers recommend SPS Commerce as a trusted EDI provider. We appreciate their confidence in us and will continue to work daily with their vendors to retain their trust.”

“SPS takes a professional approach to training their vendors on Zappos.com EDI compliance guidelines,” commented Nick Pummell, EDI Manager at Zappos.com.

“Woodcraft has a high degree of confidence when we direct vendors to SPS Commerce,” said Lisa David, Project Manager, Drop Shipment Program Manager at Woodcraft.

SPS Commerce’s Supply Chain Community Development offers an enablement approach based on a set of best practices that allow each retailer and grocer to design a program that maximizes supplier adoptions rates while minimizing supplier disruption. Our non-exclusive approach allows each supplier to select any option to meet your supply chain integration requirements. To date, SPS Commerce has enabled more than 37,000 suppliers to automate their trading relationships using its leading Web-based EDI service, SPS Commerce.net.

For information on SPS Commerce’s vendor enablement solutions, download recent case studies on leading retailers and suppliers using SPS’ outsourced EDI services.

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