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15,050 Automated Trading Relationships Formed by SPS Commerce in 2006

Feb 20, 2007
15,050 Automated Trading Relationships Formed by SPS Commerce in 2006Minneapolis, Minn., Feb. 20, 2007 - SPS Commerce, the leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), today announced that its annual revenues grew by 48% in fiscal year 2006 as the company signed contracts to enable more than 15,050 trading partner relationships. SPS Commerce offers outsourced supply chain services including EDI, catalog, barcode labels and online ordering that enable retailers and suppliers to eliminate manual order, shipping and invoicing processes, replacing them with automated and integrated operations. Much of the company's growth can be attributed to its integrated EDI service that experienced a 175% growth rate, and its catalog service that also grew by more than 145% in 2006.

"With our nearest competitors growing at around 20% or not at all, SPS Commerce continues to excel as the leader in this market having grown by 335% in the past five years," said Archie Black, president and CEO of SPS Commerce. "We are pleased to welcome the many retailers and manufacturers who have elected to outsource their supply chain needs to SPS Commerce, and automate their trading relationships with ease. SPS is honored by their trust in its solutions and we remain committed to their success in 2007 and beyond."

Leading Industry Growth
In 2006, SPS Commerce recognized significant growth in its overall financial performance and operations including:

  • 15,050 new subscriptions (a 274% increase)
  • 175% growth in integrated EDI service contracts
  • 145% growth in catalog subscriptions
  • 24 straight quarters of revenue growth
  • 49% increase in global headcount, including new and expanded operations in Asia and Canada.

Excelling in Customer Satisfaction
For any outsourced application provider, customer support is critical for customer retention and growth. In 2006, SPS Commerce sought to further improve its already high customer satisfaction rates. The company grew its customer support staff and related systems, added a Beijing office to provide local support to its growing number of PacRim customers, and increased its overall customer satisfaction rate to 93%.

"Customer satisfaction is our customer support's department's most important measurement," commented Pat Maurer, senior operations officer and executive vice president at SPS Commerce. "Most software providers measure their customer support representatives on their ability to process the highest number of cases in the shortest amount of time. Our revolutionary approach is to measure our representatives not on the quantity of calls or inquiries they resolve, but on the customer's satisfaction with the resolution and the process. This difference in approach has directly resulted in our impressive customer satisfaction rates."

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